BackPay is a new brand that finds lost Australian superannuation for working-holiday VISA backpackers.


BackPay approached Tailored Social before its commercial launch. As a startup, they needed results, and they needed them fast. They had a website thrown together, a service to offer, and an idea that leveraging digital marketing would get sales. Prior to beginning the campaign, we suggested certain copy, graphic, and format changes be made to the landing and purchase pages, but BackPay insisted on moving forward with the pay per click campaign immediately.


  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Pay Per Click


Tailored Social considered BackPay’s offering and target market, then considered the relevant audiences, average cost per click, and cost per mille across every pay per click channel available. Determining that Facebook click-to-website ads would be ideal, our creative team devised an ad campaign that used an iterative approach, A/B testing various forms of copy, graphics, and targeting methods. Within weeks, the clicks were happening for cents –but conversions weren’t taking place. It was then that our conversion rate optimisation took place.

The Result

AU$0.37c  Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click

1.75% Click-Through Rate

Click-Through Rate

10:1 Return On Investment

Return On Investment

After Tailored Social’s conversion rate optimization, we consistently achieved a 10:1 return on investment for BackPay through our Facebook click-to-website ads targeting the United Kingdom and France. Through working with Tailored Social and achieving these results, BackPay was able to take its business to the next level before being acquired.

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