Bonbons Bakery

Bonbons Bakery is an Australian & international food franchise brand with over 25 outlets across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.


Bonbons Bakery’s CEO, Franz Madlener, called Tailored Social and said, “I want this whole social media thing done right, or I don’t want it done at all.” The brief was clear: strengthen the brand and increase its reach while promoting its products and differentiating it from its competitors.


  • Branding and Creative
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media Marketing


Tailored Social worked directly with management to devise a social media marketing strategy their customer base could rally around, using our creative team to align Bonbons’ products with their branding. As a result, we developed creative content around their offerings that achieved Bonbons’ goals across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

The Result

53.73% Engagement Rate

Engagement Rate

AU$0.14c Cost Per Engagement

Cost Per Engagement

45.87% Complete Video View Rate

Complete Video View Rate

Since 2014, Bonbons Bakery has grown along with our services for it, from a standalone Facebook campaign, to pay per click services to grow Bonbons’ franchise, and over to a fully integrated digital campaign covering Instagram and YouTube to drive awareness and in-store sales. Very few corporate pages get an average of over 50% engagement across social channels, and we’re deeply proud of these results. Moreover, almost half of all users who viewed Bonbons’ video ads across channels in watch them to completion, which speaks to the quality of our creative and the targeting used.

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