Pure Aesthetics

For over 20 years, Pure Aesthetics has been a recognised leader in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery, led by Dr. Steve Merten, FRACS.


Pure Aesthetics had been unhappy with middling results with their Google Ads campaigns generated by a well-known advertising agency based out of California. The costs were excessive at AU$9 cost per click, and the conversion rate was low. Pure Aesthetics was considering abandoning the Google Ads platform altogether.


  • Pay Per Click
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation


Tailored Social built new campaigns from the ground up, going from just 50 ‘broad match’ keywords to over 1200 exact match keywords. We broke large, general ad groups into smaller ad groups where searchers were met with precise ads that spoke to their queries. We also worked with Pure Aesthetics to improve their landing pages to improve conversions.

The Result

6.18% Click-through Rate

Click-through Rate

320% Reduced Cost Per Click

Reduced Cost Per Click

43% Average Conversion Rate

Average Conversion Rate

For five years and counting, Tailored Social has renewed Pure Aesthetics’ faith in pay per click advertising, delivering an extremely high return on investment. With each year, additional surgeons have joined the Pure Aesthetics team in order to service their continually growing number of patients.

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